Interior design embraces gray as another option for neutral. Thus, you can find many gray flooring for the newer modern-built and/or modern-remodeled houses. Although many agree that gray is neutral, what color furniture goes with grey flooring?

To answer the question, we’re going to divide and break down which color is best in working with gray. Thus, we classified the furniture based on its type, solid or upholstery. Solid furniture is what we call if it doesn’t have any cushioned area. Meanwhile, upholstery is the opposite of that. 

Matching Color of Solid Furniture with Gray Flooring

As we all agree that gray is now the epitome of neutral, but we couldn’t abandon looking for what color furniture goes with grey flooring. For that reason, here we put down a list of the best color choices for solid furniture:

1. Black

When we’re talking about neutral, then we shouldn’t leave out black from the list. Before gray, black is what you call neutral and it can go with anything, including gray flooring. Also, we should remember that gray is several shades lighter than black. 

2. White

Since we mentioned black, it wouldn’t be fair if we don’t put white on the list. Because aside from black, white is also a perfect choice for going neutral. This color works well with gray flooring and creates a serene ambiance.

3. Brown

Amongst others, brown-colored furniture has been around for centuries. Because this color is a natural color, alongside gray that we can find in stones, sand, and many more. Thus, putting solid furniture with brown color above gray flooring will create a good result.

Matching Color of Upholstered Furniture with Gray Flooring

Aside from solid furniture, every house also has upholstery for various purposes. From bed, cushioned chair, sofa, and many more. Since we went with neutral for the solid furniture, thus we’re going to follow that direction, but add a little splash of color below:

1. Blue

Blue upholstery will look good with gray and radiate a warm, comforting, and embracing vibe for the room. Not to mention, many try the combination of blue and gray and the result is far from disappointing.

2. Beige

If you’re still aiming for a neutral and natural concept, then choosing beige for the sofa color is not a bad move at all. Not to mention, beige is classic yet radiates an elegant ambiance without being too loud. Furthermore, the combination of gray and beige creates a balance of cool and warm.

3. Yellow

We suggest you pick yellow upholstery if you’re wishing for more splash in your room. Because the combination of gray flooring and yellow upholstery is outstanding. It will create a more modern feeling and gain popularity among millennials and gen z. 

So, do you pick what color furniture goes with grey flooring for your place? When you get your answer, don’t hesitate to call us. Because we can provide any furniture with your desired color for you. Simply give us a call and we can deliver them right to your doorstep.