Did you know about reclaimed furniture? A well-known kind of furniture in the furniture industry now is more favored by many people. Indonesia has several advantages to supply wholesale reclaimed furniture, despite the great quality, the price is competitive and, easy to find when you import from Indonesia. Moreover, the models and design are very attractive with modern characteristics. But, before that, let’s take a look at what is reclaimed wood really is

What is Reclaimed Furniture?

Reclaimed furniture is a kind of furniture that made from old-aged wood. It can come from old boats, old houses that no use any more. Then it supplied and crafted into brand new beautiful furniture products. Now existence becomes a trend in the furniture industry.

Reclaimed furniture Indonesia likely craft into furniture such as cabinets, dressers, tables, even chairs. Actually, the trend is raised from buyers that seek authentic, antique furniture for their business. Like café, restaurants, hotel that implemented antique reclaimed design.

Even it’s crafted from reclaimed/recycled teak wood materials, but you don’t need to worry about its quality and aesthetics value from reclaimed furniture. It can be guaranteed that it can last from years to years.

reclaimed teak wood

The Benefits of Reclaimed Furniture

Manufacturing reclaimed furniture for the wholesale market is not only for commercial purposes. It has beneficial value both for producers and consumers. Moreover, its benefits that we can see is from environmental values.

Utilize wood waste that still have great quality

The first benefits of reclaimed furniture in furniture industry in Indonesia is the effort to use wood waste which still has great quality. It seems be pitied if it doesn’t use and utilize again.

Effectiveness of wood usability

Did you aware that using reclaimed furniture is same as utilize the wood effectively?  Most people unaware so they may choose new wood (though, it is also not fault).

So, now it’s a great time to invest furniture created from reclaimed wood. It will be a good trend in the furniture industry because of its quality and efficiency. If you want to look for reclaimed/recycled furniture, find out our collection at Posteak Furniture.

Types of Reclaimed Furniture Indonesia

You need to know that Indonesian furniture products from reclaimed wood furniture vary. The variety can be classified on the types from its origin.

Reclaimed Boat Furniture

This kind of furniture is made from reclaimed wood that supplied from former fishing boats that are not used or damaged in some parts. Therefore, the wood is still great, strong, and durable. So, it’s still very good to recycled into furniture.

The fishing boat shards are quite rare and only exist in certain seasons in a coastal area. Therefore, if you buy it in the form of raw materials, usually the price is also quite expensive because the product is difficult to find and is not always available.

The waste materials from fishing boats are often made or recycled into household furniture such as kitchen utensils, dining tables, and chairs, wardrobe, and other decorations to beautify the residence.

Reclaimed Pine Furniture

Different from the previous types that you can get in Indonesia, Reclaimed Pine Furniture is an imported wood waste material from Brazil and New Zealand. This is obtained by sorting pinewood pallets. The price is very expensive because the quality is guaranteed and durable.

In Indonesia, the waste from the pinewood pallets can transform into beautiful and high-value goods like living room tables, room dividers, ceilings, kitchen floors, and much more. The design is attractive and it doesn’t look like the main material is from a used bar.

In addition, if you have a business like a coffee shop, then utilizing the waste of the pine palette for decoration or room decoration is highly recommended. The material is lightweight and not easily weathered even though it has been used for decades.

Reclaimed Teak Furniture

The next type of reclaimed furniture is made from used reclaimed/recycled teak wood from Joglo style houses. As is well known, this typical Javanese community is known for its wood quality. Usually, this always uses Teak material so that the quality is guaranteed to be superior.

The disassembly used materials from the Joglo House usually price will skyrocket after being transformed into various furniture products. It also depends on how creative the maker is in finishing and increasing his aesthetic among buyers.

Teak reclaimed furniture characters is strong, resilient, durable, and dry. So it is the perfect materials for lifetime furniture.

Meanwhile, the types of furniture that usually use Reclaimed Joglo home furniture with the characteristics of the teak wood, here are the examples :

  • House Doors made from reclaimed teak that withstand termites and direct sunlight.
  • A reclaimed teak bed that can hold up to 200 kg of load.
  • Reclaimed teak dresser, wardrobe, and vitrine cabinet.
  • Bookcase reclaimed teak that usually can last for many years
  • Dining set and coffee table set of reclaimed teak

Find more reclaimed teak furniture products here

Reclaimed Teak Branch Furniture

The next type that you must know is made of teak wood twigs. Actually, this is the remnants that are not sold because the size is too small. However, furthermore it is of high value when polished and shaped into furniture.

Because the shape of the twigs is small, the items that can be made of this type will also have a small size too. That for example such as flower vases, home decoration ornaments, medicine boxes, bookshelves, television places and of course many more.

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Even so, usually used materials from teak wood branches also tend to be expensive and can be imported to various parts of the world. Not surprisingly, there are very many people interested in Posteak Furniture due to several factors such as the following:

  • The design is very unique and attractive.
  • The wood is durable and has a shiny surface.
  • The products are various and focus on trinkets and home decoration, so there are many enthusiasts.

Reclaimed Teak Root Furniture

Reclaimed Teak Root Furniture is the last type of used material furniture products. It is made of old teak roots in a limestone mountain. If we analyze it in more depth, the quality and strength is no doubt as long as you can take care of it properly.

This material is widely used for various purposes of home decoration trinkets as well. However, the shape is more dominant at the root and it is not changed back into other variations such as the type of Reclaimed Teak Furniture.

So, you will find the natural impression of teak roots shapes like real trees and various other plant ornaments. If you want to buy it, this product is available in Posteak Furniture. There are various choices and the price is quite affordable for wholesale.

Why choose Reclaimed Furniture?

If you decide to use furniture or home furniture using used materials, you will get various kinds of benefits. This has been proven by many people and they are always addicted and want to use it again.

Wood Is Older, Dry and Has Great Characteristics

One of the advantages that you will get when using reclaimed teak furniture is that the wood is very old and has character. Under these conditions, the quality we can guarantee to be strong and durable when used for decades.

Old wood will also form its own accent on each fiber so it is very good to use as furniture manufacturing. It will also increase its aesthetics when coated with varnish or varnish.

Therefore, you should not be afraid to use reclaimed furniture because the durability is clear and the pattern is also good.

Original Wood is Guaranteed

So far there is a lot of forgery of young Teak wood that suppliers use to make various kinds of household furniture, then if you use reclaimed furniture it will not happen. The material can be clearly identified because it is old.

Timber that is sold for reclaimed furniture is also always officially certified as well as through various laboratory tests in advance in order to determine its eligibility. So, do not ever worry about quality.

However, even if certified, you also have to keep checking by identifying its characteristics first before buying it.

Fairly Affordable Wood Prices with Exceptional Quality

The last advantage that you will get if you use reclaimed furniture from Indonesia is to get a pretty affordable price with comparable quality as well as new goods. This has become common knowledge and is happening everywhere.

Just imagine, if you buy new wood, then you have to pay quite expensive even though the quality is not necessarily strong and his age is still young. The solution is to use reclaimed furniture to save money.

Although affordable, when we are comparing to the quality, reclaimed furniture is not inferior and even sometimes even superior. If you don’t believe it, then just buy the two and compare which ones are more durable and long-lasting in terms of ingredients and the quality of the paint.

Reclaimed Furniture Products you can buy from Indonesia

Versatile Shelves

One example of reclaimed furniture that is the most widely used and sought after by the public is the versatile shelf. This furniture is usually used for business purposes such as stalls, large restaurants, clothing stores, goods warehouses, private kitchens and much more.

The shelf is large and tall. The sap is quite a lot so that it can be used to place various items. The material is also made of Teak wood and is very durable even though it has been decades. So, you are not worried to replace it because of damage.

Regarding its versatile function and being able to accommodate a lot of equipment, the price of the rack can still be said to be normal even though it is a bit expensive. However, the design is very good indeed and you can request it yourself to the craftsmen at Posteak Furniture.

Minimalist Tables and Chairs

Nowadays many restaurant entrepreneurs order tables and chairs for visitors using reclaimed furniture. They assume that it has better quality and durable. The price is also quite affordable than the new original type.

So, they decided to buy reclaimed furniture only. In buying and selling, buyers can also request models and sizes according to their respective desires. There is no price increase there. It’s just that the manufacturing process takes longer because they have to wait for the finished goods.

reclaimed teak furniture

Meanwhile, in choosing reclaimed furniture for business or restaurant needs, especially furniture and tables, there are a few things you should pay attention to, namely:

  • First, ask about the details of the wood materials used.
  • Ask the size and design or please request according to your interests.
  • Request the craftsmen or suppliers to explain the benefits of reclaimed furniture used.

Wall Decoration and Room Corner

Lots of people who buy items for wall decoration of their homes and also ornaments in the corner of the room from reclaimed furniture. It is selling well when sold on the market. Most of the material uses teak roots or branches from the limestone mountain.

This can be purchased in the finished form and also according to the request of the buyer regarding the material, design, and size. The craftsmen at Posteak Furniture will be happy to service your request. In addition, there are also customer consulting services.

So, you can buy wholesale reclaimed furniture wholesale in Indonesia with Posteak Furniture, then you will go through several stages :

  1. Contact our buyers assistance at info@posteak.com
  2. Then, the customer determines the type of goods and materials desired.
  3. After that, the company provides design recommendations or comply with all requests from customers.
  4. Process of making goods for several days to weeks depending on the complexity and the number of orders.
  5. Finish goods and ready to ship from Posteak Furniture warehouse.

That is a glimpse of the discussion that we can deliver about reclaimed Indonesian furniture ranging from understanding to examples.

Hopefully with this information, your knowledge and inspiration in choosing contemporary and durable household furniture will be more varied.

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