Classic Antique Bookcase Cabinet

Antique classic bookcase cabinet for indoor living. Made from solid teak, with finish look like real dingklik/old teak wood.

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Antique classic bookcase cabinet for master your indoor living. Made with solid teak wood, and crafted with highly skilled craftsmanship and machine-made. The antique furniture collection is typical of Indonesian furniture styles, antiques, and classic. It is suited to apply as functional cabinetry furniture as good as to display some artistic goods. This vitrine cabinet gives everything you need to store any household goods.

This antique bookcase cabinet was built with a solid construction of teak wood to avoid any crack and damaged goods. Posteak manufactured high-quality indoor cabinet furniture for wholesale, retails, and any project furniture business.

Product Specifications

  • Solid Teak Wood
  • Classic handles and brass
  • Look like real dingklik finished