DAYANA – New Teak Cabinet,

Side-table, Dresser, Tv-Stand.

“Natural, modern, minimalism”  – Indoor furniture collection crafted from new teak wood with natural solid wood colour. Dayana is a solid of natural wood tone colour which match with modern home furnishing.

New Teak Wood Furniture – DAYANA

Are you looking for strong, unique and natural tone colour of solid wood furniture? This DAYANA collection is the one that you looking for.

New teak wood furniture is made from new lumber that kliln dried properly. It has unique and authentic grain and textures, and some comes with natural old-distressed painted colour from an old house and boats. Furniture made from new teak is also durable and strong because the woods have lasted for years facing through natural conditions and humidity. New teak wood represent eco-friendly environments to our home furnishing. Indonesia has huge resources of new teak wood, so it’s good investments to decide supply our new teak wood furniture collection.

DAYANA is one of Posteak new teak indoor furniture collection, ranges from  cabinet, bookcase, dresser, tv cabinet, side-table. It suited for modern, or classic home design. Crafted with good quality wooden resources, construction, high-quality finishing and detailed craftsmanship. Discover our products to find a piece match models for your style. Here you can get affordable price for new teak wood furniture collection.

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