Amongst the wood material for furniture, teak is famous for its durability. Yes, teak wood can last long as it ages and is used for furniture material. But the problem is, it can wear off as years go and wouldn’t be so grand anymore. Therefore, we should take a look at how to refinish a teak table to make it look new again.

Not to mention, you don’t have to always sand the teak table for the refinishing project. Some people simply wash away the dirt and start the refinishing. Therefore, you can get to display the refinished teak table and show off its unique feature.

What to Prepare 

Before getting to the steps on how to refinish a teak table, you have to prepare the equipment that you need. Both cleaning tools and sanding tools are a must. Thus, you have to prepare a cloth, towel, a stiff nylon brush, sanding machine, or sandpaper. Further, you can also equip a water hose if you need to wash the table.

Then, you also need teak wood refinishing products such as cleaner, brightener, and oil for sealer. Hence, you should also need to get a brush, tack cloth, and buffing pad. Also, don’t forget about the google and gloves for your eyes and hand protection.

Refinish Teak Table in Step by Step

Once you get all the tools and equipment that you need to refinish a teak table, you can start with the project. Here’s what steps you have to do:

  • Sand the table surface with an automatic sanding machine or sandpaper. This process will bring back the natural pattern of teak wood. But make sure not to sand it too deep or you will lessen the wood thickness.
  • Dust the table once you finish the sanding process with a cloth or towel. You can also wash the dirt with water.
  • If you don’t wish to sand the table, you can opt to wash the table right away. The best way is to use a high-pressure water hose. Then, scrub it clean with stiff nylon or cloth.
  • Dry the teak table under the sun. Make sure it is clearly dry before continuing to the next step.
  • Then, to make sure that there’s no insect hiding, use the teak wood cleaner and apply it with a brush, tack cloth, or buffing pad.
  • Dry any excess residue from the process.
  • Apply sealer to give the table protection on the table surface.
  • Wait until the coating dries completely before using the table.

One thing that you have to remember is to refinish a teak table in a well-ventilated room. Better yet, you do the process in the open area, but not under direct sun.

Old teak tables are always charming, and people are willing to know how to refinish a teak table. But the problem is that not everyone is capable of doing that. For that reason, why don’t you simply get a teak table from our workshop? Give us a call and we can arrange and work together until you get your desired teak table.