Our Furniture Solution:

Furniture Wholesale

Posteak brings furniture solution into the worldwide market. Our experience over 20 years in export import furniture industry is extraordinary. We offer several furniture for wholesale services that cover a wide range products and prices suited for every buyer.

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Furniture Design

Furniture solution for designer who seek for a company to produce custom furniture. An opportunity to make your own furniture design to sell. With the touch of our experts, Posteak help to discuss and create your own design of furniture for your own furniture brand.

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Furniture Project 

Posteak will help you to provide quality furniture, and customized ranges of furniture to fill your furniture business project. We will assist you from defining the ideas, identifying the right type of furniture fabric, design and size that best suited to your business needs. 

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Accent your furniture ideas with our furniture collection.

Furniture Indoor

An authentic ranges of furniture indoor style. Consists of cabinet, dresser, chair, ables and others furniture stuff for indoor living. Suitable to fulfil your furniture needs for dining room, bed room, and living room with the touch of solid wood as the main value of our products. 

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Furniture Outdoor

Don’t miss your patio and garden space without any kind of furniture. Our products consists of teak garden chair, bench, dining table, lounger with the wide-range of styles. Our main materials comes with solid teak wood which will advantage you from outdoor environtment.

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What Makes Furniture Made from Indonesia is Great Opportunity

Furniture made from Indonesia has already competitive advantages in international market. With commonly solid wood resources that has been provided by its nature in Indonesia, many of furniture products that has been made has great quality. For its reason, furniture products made from Indonesia exported to many countries.

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We make it easier to import furniture from us. We always welcome the buyer to visit our company to make everything is clear.

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Furniture 101

Indonesia Furniture

With over USD $1.95 billion export worth, Indonesia Furniture Industry is thriving over year to year. For more than 20 years Posteak Furniture® as prominent Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer in Jepara has been taking part on furniture industry to provide the best products and services furniture solution for clients

Teak Wood as Main Resources

By number, Indonesia is the second largest producer of teak wood. Huge resources of teak wood in Indonesia and high-skilled craftmanship in Jepara makes this city remarkable for making furniture products. Teak is a strong and resistance resources for furniture. Within outdoor environments, this wood still can withstand properly. The beauty of textures and durability for lifetime use makes this wood best choices for any kind of furniture. Posteak use use teak wood as our main resources, but we can also discuss other solid wood that match with your preferences.

Reclaimed Wood as Green Manufacturing

Despite of wasting the lumber of old teak resources, we also recycling the old teak into useful furniture products. Represents eco-friendly without overlook beauty & elegance of teak furniture, strong and durable still becoming the characters of the products. The deep and beautiful tone colour of natural teak wood gives the feeling of warmth, antique & timeless beauty in your space. It also, representing of our awareness of green furniture manufacturing.

Quality Grade of Furniture in Indonesia

Awareness of quality grade of wooden materials is important. Mostly, teak wood has 3 grade quality, A, B and C. It will differentiate the durability, maturity and prices. A-grade is the number one for its durability, colour, and texture. B-grade is the middle solution for quality and prices, and C-grade is the lower quality with the characteristic of white textures colour in some of the woods grain. Take deep concern about the grade of teak especially if your furniture needs is for outdoor living.

Kiln-dry for Maximum Wood Process

Furniture from wood is natural raw materials which have moisture level. Importing furniture overseas can be risky if the moisture is not processed properly. Kiln dry is a process to suppress the moistures level of wood so can be processed and reducing damage after shipping. 1 – 2 cm thickness MC 12% – 15%, 3 – 4 cm thickness MC 16% – 18%, 5 cm thickness and up MC 19% – 20%

Colour Variety Finishing

You may hard to find or match the colour for your furniture design. Posteak has an extensive option for furnish colour on furniture, from rustic, classic, painted and many more. All is come with the high quality of finishing

Legality Company to Export

It’s important to find a manufacturer which has legal certification. As Indonesia’s governments regulations, the buyer only able to import solid wooden furniture from Indonesia if the furniture is certified wood and products. SVLK system will prevents from illegal logging resources of wood and timber.

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