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Buying Furniture in Indonesia – Essential Guide 2020

buying furniture

Why buying furniture in Indonesia is potential investment for furniture business Indonesia is one of famous and prospective country on producing furniture. The data from Ministry of Industry states that export performance of Indonesian furniture industry in the last three years shows a positive trend: US$ 1.60 billion in 2016, US$ 1.63 billion in 2017 and […]

10 Top Reasons Why Jepara Furniture is Outstanding!

Jepara furniture is non-deniable for its quality and design. It is already well-known both in the local and foreign market. In fact, the data showed that 75.603 people work and 5.870 business units in this furniture industry and contributed 10% of the total amount of national exports. If you seek for high-quality of materials, unique […]

The Importance of Digitalization in Jepara Furniture Industry

Furniture is one of the potential commodity owned by Indonesia. It ranks secondly from the top tropical country that exports furniture. However, Indonesian furniture industry has fallen down year to year and faced the degradation of the total amount of furniture export

Indonesian Furniture Manufacturer – Posteak Furniture

Posteak Furniture

ABOUT US Indonesian furniture manufacturer with specialization on recycled teak, modern teak, and painted teak furniture. Established in Jepara since 1997, a small town which well-known has natural resources of wood and high skilled wood-crafters. Our Warehouse located at Ds. Kecapi Nganjir Rt 23 Rw 04, Tahunan, Jepara, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia. OUR STORY Our story began […]