Teak Outdoor Furniture

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For over 21 years, Posteak Furniture has been manufacturing high-end teak outdoor furniture. Operating from Jepara, Indonesia, we provide a high-quality grade of teak furniture and export our furniture in each world continent. Furniture of Teak wood from Indonesia has already famous in the worldwide market and for buyers so it's good investments to import and produce teak outdoor furniture from the direct manufacturer like us.

Teak for outdoor furniture

If you looking for a furniture collection for the outdoor, teak is the greatest piece that you need to consider. Teak has great durability to withstand in the outdoor areas. With its durability, makes furniture made from teak is less maintenance. This is why teak furniture is loved, Not only that, teak also preserve the natural beauty, so that a lot of beautiful furniture product is developed and becomes one of the favorite products that buyers seek for. Teak is quite expensive due to its rarity on plantations, it should be from tropical. humid climates environments. Hence, Indonesia is one of the countries that have huge resources for it.

Indonesian teak outdoor furniture collection

There are a lot of furniture outdoor collection that you can import from Indonesia, and comes with various materials to combine such as wooden, aluminums, stainless steel, iron, wicker, rattan synthetic and many more. At Posteak we have broad selection for teak wood outdoor furniture that you can choose. Here are top-selling outdoor furniture that you can buy from Posteak.

Teak outdoor dining sets

Garden and patio dining table made from solid teak wood. Outdoor garden or patio can be used for a dining set. Set of teak outdoor dining is an essential collection that buyers or stores should have. You can find wide-range dining sets, from the rectangular dining table, round outdoor dining table, extendable dining table for huge family members, and mixed with teak outdoor chairs, teak outdoor armchairs and teak outdoor benches that you can select from our website. There are also size options that you can choose.

Teak outdoor patio lounge sets.

Looking for teak patio lounge sets? Sure we have collection that you can find. The collection includes of teak deep seating, teak outdoor coffee table, and teak outdoor loungers. There is an option for 2 seater sets, 3 seater sets, or 4 seater lounge sets. Or you need more you can custom order with us. The collection is best for modern teak outdoor furniture design.

How to choose the best teak outdoor furniture

Teak furniture here been the top choice for outdoor furnishing. Hence, to get the best and high-end teak outdoor furniture for your stores on customers, you should need to go through with the tips and information. Here are things you should consider.

Look for models to fulfill your collection

Start with browse our models on this website page. Match it with the trends of the market and your customers. There are lots of models and combinations that you can purchase from us. Still not enough? You can also request your own models & collection. Just provide us with the picture or drawings.

Size and color option

Find the size options for your needs. We also do custom size with the consolidation of design construction. Don't forget to choose the color of the furniture. For outdoor, Posteak commonly use natural water-based teak color, rustic grey wash for more modern outdoor collection. With our quality finishing, the color can last for years in outdoor area. In regular condition without restoring the color, teak can turn into grey- patina color. You can read more about how to care teak furniture here

Buy Wholesale Teak Outdoor Furniture

For buyers who are looking for best outdoor furniture Indonesian made, direct factory price for wholesale, Posteak Furniture is best manufacturer you need to consider. Experience, quality, skilled craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing are values that we hold on. Don't hesitate to contact our team expertise to get more detailed information and let's start our cooperation.