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Enjoying the sunny weather outside with your loved ones definitely feels much better when you provide them the suitable atmosphere. To build the perfect sense of comfort and refreshment, putting a loveseat or two would bring your balcony or garden to life. Our collection of teak outdoor loveseat offers a wide range of styles and color that can be adjusted to your existing decor and personality.

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Why using teak wood for outdoor loveseat

An outdoor space--be it a balcony, a patio, or a garden--needs an ideal corner for curling up with the kids, having a romantic chit-chat, or an addition to a festive weekend gathering with friends. Purchasing an outdoor loveseat would be worthy of your consideration if you look for a medium-sized group seating.

It is important to keep in mind that placing furniture outside means you have to carefully ponder the choice of its material. Considering that your loveseat will be placed outside the whole time, you will need a material that is durable enough to deal with the all-year seasons. Teak is one of the wood types for furniture that perfectly suits the outdoor environment. With its natural oil content, this wood is able to continuously stand strong even under the toughest weather.

Scroll down below to get a deeper reasoning of why choosing teak for your outdoor loveseat could be the best decision you’ll ever make:

1. Strong and long-lasting

We could never stop emphasizing the importance of using only the best material for your outdoor furniture. You wouldn’t want to see your loveseat get wobbly and need to be replaced in a few years. Known as one of the hardest woods in the world, teak becomes a dependable material for your outdoor loveseat. With proper teak wood care and treatment, you’ll be amazed at how your teak furniture will last for years, even decades. The good news is, it only requires simple steps to maintain the quality.

Imagine all the great benefits that you can get by investing in teak wood for your furniture. Not only you can pass down the lifetime legacy to your kids and even grandchildren, teak wood will prevent you from spending unnecessary budget to replace furniture every now and then. Its durability and sustainability are the key reasons why teak receives so much love from many.

2. Suitable to all weather

Furniture made from teak has the ability to fully resist irreversible damages caused by heavy storms and blazing sunlights. Hence, no need to worry about putting your loveseats outside year-round. This weather-resistant quality comes from the natural oil inside teak wood. This oil is able to keep your teak outdoor loveseat from deforming or becoming brittle due to the rain, snow, or sun. No wonder teak furniture’s power to survive the most extreme environment is undeniable.

3. Pest resistant

Not only famous for its undisputed strength, teak wood is also an excellent material to prevent your furniture from getting infested by mold, mildew, and termites. The high content of natural oil in teak wood is proven to be a great pest-repellent. Therefore, you won’t need to purchase additional chemical repellent to protect your furniture.

4. Beautifully timeless

The natural grain and deep color of teak wood will elevate the whole look of your outdoor loveseat. What’s better is, your furniture will appear in a beautiful gloss that comes from the oil beneath the wood. In addition to all that, the warm brown color of teak will gradually turn into an elegant light-gray as time goes by. This will add to the natural charm that teak wood already offers. However, you can opt for additional finishings to keep the brown last longer.

Buy your teak outdoor loveseat from Posteak Furniture

As a furniture manufacturer that has been running for more than 20 years, Posteak Furniture takes pride in creating high-quality solid wood products for your personal or professional needs. Each and every piece of our furniture is manufactured in Jepara, a town in Indonesia that is widely known for its advanced craftsmanship, specifically in handling teak wood. From teak tables, garden chairs, to teak sofa, we can ensure that we will only deliver the top-notch products to your hand.

No need to worry because our teak wood resource is obtained directly from Perhutani. All of our teak furniture are also issued with SVLK certification for export purposes. We provide a wide range of outdoor loveseats that you can choose according to your personal preferences. Along with strength, comfort is also our priority. Our Fremont and Melbourne loveseats are not only built with high-quality teak wood.

We also use Sunbrella® fabric and Quickdry® cushions to maximize the coziness. Sunbrella® as an all-weather fabric combined with Quickdry® for the cushions will definitely become a perfect match made in heaven for your loveseats.