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Comfort and elegance should come hand in hand when it comes to relishing the breezy days outside. Our collections of teak lounge chairs represent both values to accommodate your outdoor purposes, whether enjoyed in solitary or festivity.

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Why use teak wood for your lounge chairs?

Imagine enjoying the chill weekend outside your home, sitting on your favorite chair while grasping the fresh air of summer and having a great conversation with your loved ones. This superb embodiment of nook in your patio or garden would be awesome if a perfect set of lounge chairs is placed.

However, we understand the tricky challenge in the pursuit of a decent material for your outdoor furniture. Worry no more, teak wood could be the best solution for your lounge chairs. Famous for its durability and strength, teak wood gains its popularity as one of the wood types used for outdoor furniture. We believe that the importance of having well-crafted furniture that can last for ages is beyond undoubtable.

We’re here to convince you with the reasons why teak wood should be the chosen material for your outdoor lounge chairs:

1. Impeccable durability

Teak is known as one of the hardest woods that are commonly used for furniture manufacturing. A dependable material for outdoor furnishings, teak has proven to last for years, even decades. Purchasing a teak wood chair means you are investing in a seat for a lifetime.

Aside from having a sustainable lounge chair, you will be amazed at how sitting in this sturdy material won’t result in squeaky or creaking sound. No more worries about a wobbly wood frame that is unable to keep up with your comfort and security.

2. Weather resistant

Keeping a chair outside requires you to get ready with the most challenging environment possible. Your furniture will be exposed to the scorching sun rays and heavy rainfalls all year long. To deal with this kind of situation, we highly recommend you use teak wood for your lounge chairs. Following the highly durable quality, this wood is also known for the natural oil contained inside, which prevents the wood from any damage caused by the harsh climates. Taking your lounge chairs outside will no longer make you cautious as its material can protect itself from the weather and other external disturbances.

3. Crafted by the experts

Our teak lounge chairs are carefully handled by Jepara’s local craftsmen who have the undeniable competence in their fields, mainly in teak furniture manufacturing. Each and every furniture that we made clearly shows the high dedication that we poured in order to make sure that you only deserve the best products.

4. Everlasting beauty

The textures, grain, and color that come from teak wood will make your lounge chairs the exceptional ones. Enhanced by the natural elegance and beauty, the comfort that we provide within our teak chairs will surely differ from other materials that are commonly used.

Choose your own teak lounge chairs

If you’re looking for well-crafted teak lounge seats for your personal or business purposes, you can start your first step here with Posteak to get the dream furniture that you wish for. Our wide range of lounge chairs are made of high-quality teak wood that will suit your outdoor spaces altogether.

What’s even better, all of our teak lounge chairs are combined with Sunbrella® cushions fabric. Its UV protection is also supported with the fade-resistant and mildew-free component, which makes a perfect material for outdoor usage.

To help you decide better, here are some of our best selections of individual lounge seat:

1. Carolina Teak Outdoor Lounge Chair

Contemporary is never out of style. Our Carolina lounge chair offers the perfect combination of simplicity and comfort. Without adding the unnecessaries, this particular seat will stand out effortlessly.

2. Fremont Teak Outdoor Lounge Chairs

Craving a fresh and sleek look for your outdoor arrangements? The Fremont lounge chair will suit the subtle atmosphere of elegance to your casual days. Less is more, so they said.

3. Melbourne Teak Outdoor Lounge Chairs

Savor each bit of the summertime blissfulness while unwinding on our Melbourne outdoor chair. The beautiful earth tones combined with slight curves on its armrests give a quirky yet authentic sense to your outdoor seatings

4. Teak Lounge Chair with Rope

Thinking of decorating your house with a tropical or bohemian style? You will love our teak lounge chairs with rope. The design perfectly manifests a breezy wind of outdoor life to spend with your friends. Find yourself get relaxed without losing your style.

Still not sure of what to get? We are beyond happy to hear your requests so you will receive the tailor-made lounge chairs to fit your taste and fashion. Consult Posteak’s team to express your custom furniture ideas, and let’s realize your visions together.