When you want to buy a dining table, you have to find the best wood. This is because the wood on the dining table has a different tone, grain, durability, density, and overall look. Therefore, you should know the best wood for dining table before you buy it.

Many types of wood for the dining table certainly have different properties and give a certain impression to your dining room. So, you need to know the type of wood dining table that is perfect to support the atmosphere of your dining room. The following is the best wood for dining table that you can use as a reference:

1. Oak

If you want classic wood for the dining table, you can choose oak. This is because oak is hard-wearing and durable even if you use your dining table every day. Then, oak wood also has a distinctive wood pattern so it is very beautiful to look at.

It’s perfect if you use it for a dining table because it is quite resistant to small dents. Moreover, if you use a reclaimed oak dining table, you will find that the wood has more character than the new oak dining table.

2. Brown Maple

If you are looking for a dining table with a more contemporary look, you can choose brown maple wood. This type of wood has a formal look but is very versatile. Brown maple has a unique combination of brown, cream, or white stripes.

The fine grain pattern has varying light to dark streaks. Unfortunately, the durability of this wood is more prone to scratches if it is often used heavily.

3. Hickory

The best wood for dining table is hickory because it is the strongest type of wood. Its high density makes it prone to cracking and warping so it requires a lot of attention to the humidity level of the room.

Nonetheless, hickory offers a striking rustic look that brings the outdoors into your dining room. This is perfect if you want a rustic and casual look in your dining room. Additionally, hickory has contrasting reddish and cream colors.

4. Walnut

For a contemporary and modern dining table look, you can choose walnut wood. This is because the walnut has a golden to gray color and the grain pattern has lots of movement and beautiful streaks. The gray color is also suitable for a formal-themed dining table.

Walnut is a medium density hardwood so it is prone to denting with heavy use. However, the grain pattern it has helps hide a bit of wear.

5. Rustic Cherry

For those of you who want to have a dining table with a rustic look, you can use this wood. Rustic cherry offers a casual and rustic elegance that is perfect for a family-style dinner. Tones of brown, white, and deep red with brown flecks make this wood look pretty.

Then, this type of wood also features natural pits throughout, making it perfect for giving a natural and rustic atmosphere to your dining room. Rustic cherry is a softer hardwood that is less prone to denting with heavy use.

Now you know more about the best wood for dining table. Each type of wood has different specifications and you can adjust it according to your preferences and needs. If you are looking for a dining table with the best quality wood, you can contact us by telephone or fill out the contact form on our website.