The living room plays an important part in every house. Not only is it where we will entertain guests, but it’s also where we gather with the family. For that reason, knowing how to arrange living room furniture is an urgent matter.

You don’t have to be a master interior designer to know where’s the best side to put the sofa, for instance. Not that a professional interior designer is not significant, but only certain people who can afford the service. Therefore, here we’re going to tell you our know-how on arranging the living room furniture below:

1. Sofa ft. Chairs

We couldn’t leave out the sofa and chairs, since they’re essential and the main furniture for the living room. Therefore, when figuring out how to arrange living room furniture, don’t be afraid to mix and match these two types of seating. Because combining a sofa and chairs is not a bad idea at all.

2. Stay Away from the Wall

When arranging furniture in the living room, try to avoid placing the furniture right by the wall. Instead, it will be better to give space around one or two feet between the wall and furniture. By doing this, you will create a cluster of furniture and make your living room comfortable for conversation. 

3. Create an Island

At a glance, this is almost similar to what we explained in the previous point. But you have to make it clearer by creating a barrier in the area. For example, you can put a rug and place the furniture above it.

4. Keep One Side of the Wall Clear

Placing knick-knacks and decorations on the living room wall is a common thing to do. Some households even put a big shelf and cover an entire wall. If you’re doing the same, then try to minimize it by keeping one side of the wall clean. This way you can avoid your living room feeling overstuffed.

5. Play Symmetric and Balance

Although mix and match is a good choice, some people might don’t feel right by putting a sofa and chairs in the same area. If you’re one of these people, then you can opt for matching seating instead. Hence, all you have to do is just balance them by putting them in mirroring one another symmetrically.

6. Put Tables at a Close Distance

Let’s be real, the coffee table is a must-have piece of furniture that you should have in your living room. Although some living rooms might be too small to put one, a side table is also a good substitute. Whether it’s a coffee table or a side table, we suggest you place the table about arm’s length from the seating.

7. Give a Space for Traffic

The most important thing that you shouldn’t forget when arranging furniture is to mind the traffic. It means you have to consider where people would walk by. Therefore, you have to keep that area clear from any furniture. 

Those are 7 ways to arrange living room furniture that you can try yourself. Then, if you find yourself in need of living room furniture, simply call us. We have an abundant choice of furniture that will be good for your living room