Room designing is a fun thing to do. Because it can make a new room more welcoming, and an old room looks new. But how to decorate a room with simple things that won’t put a dent in your budget?

Yes, we are all aware that decorating a room can cost money. Especially if you get new things and go all out with the decorating project. But you can also be subtle in spending for decorating, yet the effect is real. Because there are simple ways that you can try on decorating your room, such as:

1. Play with the Light

The first rule on how to decorate a room with simple things that you have to embrace is to be aware of the lighting. Not only the room lighting but also the small light that can add some persona to your room.

A string of fairy lights above the headboard can do the trick well. But if you don’t wish for the potential dusting, then you can try for unique shapes or patterns of the lampshade.

2. Paint the Wall

The wall is the ultimate part that you shouldn’t abandon when decorating the room. Normally, a room will have four sides of walls surrounding the area. Thus, you can paint the wall with your desired color. But we suggest just sticking with the same shade of colors to prevent a color clash. 

3. Put Furniture

Another basic touch that you have to do when decorating a room is to add furniture. To do this, you don’t need to pick a brand new one. Instead, you can mix and match furniture from another room and try to place it there. Because even a simple coffee table or a mirror can add a persona to the room. 

4. Spread a Rug

You don’t have to spend your money on getting a new carpet to cover the floor. Because you can opt for a rug instead for a simple touch. Whether it’s the bedroom or living room, a rug will never do wrong. But make sure that the rug color will match the room altogether. 

5. Add a Splash of Color

If you’re too lazy to add the big details when decorating your room, why don’t we move into the small ones? Because decorating doesn’t always imply the big moves. Thus, you can add a pair of bold-colored cushions and it will give a new vibe to the room. 

6. Pin Photos and Pictures

Decorating while displaying your memories is also a good choice. Not to mention there are different ways to display your photos and pictures. Simply putting the photos and pictures right on the wall right away is okay. But displaying with frames is also not a bad move. 

7. Live Up the Room with Plants

The last way we will suggest here is by decorating with a plant or more! The lively color of the plant will answer all your needs for decorating a room. But when putting plants, you have to make sure that the plants can survive indoors!

Amongst the ways to decorate a room with simple things that we stated here, getting furniture is a common way that people choose. So, if you’re willing to go big, calling us to get new furniture is a welcome move! We are also available for consultation and just drop your quote through our form.