Industrial style is the most creative and modern style in 2020. This is also what actually makes this style popular, because of creativity and its origin. At that time, unused industrial buildings such as cinemas or factories will bring considerable losses. Therefore, the designers took the initiative to be creative on these abandoned buildings by turning them into houses or art studios.

In short, this style was originally inspired by industrial buildings left behind in New York and London which were being converted. Even so, this style is still well-known and much-loved today. In this article, we will tell you some interesting ideas that can inspire you if you are interested in the industrial furniture style. You need to know these ideas so that you can design your dream room. If you might be a person that is currently looking for inspiration to give a new color to your apartment or house and is interested in industrial style, then you should read these ideas to the end.

1. Open space

Open space is the key to create an industrial atmosphere in your room. Even if you don’t have items that support your plan to develop an industrial style, you can try it by combining two rooms into one. For example, combining the kitchen and dining table or try to combine the entrance with the living room. These experiments will help you build an industrial atmosphere.

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2. Match the new one with the existing feature

You can try to create a whole industrial feel in your building by matching the new features with the existing one. You know, industrial style properties are well known big and made from metal.

If you happen to have like one of the industrial properties, try to match its style with the new furniture that you have bought. For example, a new glass applied to a black metal framed windows that divides the room into two. This touch will help much. Try better to match colors, styles, and proportions.

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3. Use unusual objects

Your new industrial look can be helped by the existence of some unique stuff that you have. If you have, like, musical instrument at home like guitars or drums, then you can try to blend them to the room. You can also add any vintage collectable items that you have been collecting in your life. If you do not have yet, start to seek now. It’s pretty idea idea to make industrial feel exists.


4. Add industrial lighting

In any style, the light element will certainly be very influential and play an important role for the design to be made. Lighting types that are suitable for building with industrial styles are LED strip mood lighting that is hidden behind structural elements.

Do not hesitate to combine the light elements with architectural features to make the results more optimal. You can seek information about the types of lamps that are suitable to be placed in your industrial-style design.

industrial interior styles lamps
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5. Black & white works

Modern art in black and white is an important component in industrial furniture style. Display artwork in black and white. For example, try to put black and white photographs on the wall. These photographs will add more if they are printed really big. The pictures that are hung on this wall will also add to the uniqueness and color of each room. The industrial style can be felt with big stuffs not only on windows but also with the arts.

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6. Limiting colors

Make the colors that are present in one room become very limited. For example, your bathroom that you design so that it only has 3 colors: black, white, and gray. Space also does not need to be filled too much. The most important thing in industrial design is convenience in using its functions.

Although the color of the room with industrial interior style is limited, it is still going to give a strong impression to the eyes. This also relates to the origin of this interior style, since industrial buildings are usually designed for one purpose so they usually do not have a lot of colors and usually also have a neutral color such as white.

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7. Minimal and modern furniture

In designing a room to have industrial interior style design, make sure the items that you put in the room are indeed needed by its existence. Or, to put it simply, limited to functional items. Industrial furniture design that is placed in the room also need to be very minimal and modern. Industrial style is not just a matter of decorating for the eye, but a matter of functionality.

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