Having lice on your head is irritating but wait until you find them on your furniture. It gives you enough reason to be frustrated because lice seem hard to kill. Home remedy for lice on furniture is everything you need to cast away. Below is all you must do to get rid of them:

1. Vacuum Your Furniture

Lice today are called super lice because they get immune to anything we use to kill them in the past. All spray, chemicals, and medicine seem useless. On the other hand, you need to keep them away. So, the most effective way is to vacuum your sofas, chair, couch, and the rest of your furniture.

Vacuuming your furniture is the best way to suck and remove them. Once you are done vacuuming, throw the dust-containing lice in the garbage bin outside your house. Keep in mind to focus on spots where people use to put their heads on.

2. Apply Sticky Lint Roller

If you don’t have a vacuum, then a sticky lint roller will save your day. This tool has a strong adhesive tape that is strong enough to grab lice out of the surface. Roll it thoroughly and don’t miss any spot, especially where people use to lay down their heads. Replace the roller sheets once they broke.

3. Wash Infested Items with Hot Water

Lice may stick and lay eggs on the surface of pillowcases, duvets, quilts, cushions, or blankets. According to CDC, lice can be killed in a hot temperature above 53.5 Celsius or 128.3 Fahrenheit for more than 5 minutes. So, all you can do is soak them in that hot water and wash them thoroughly. Remember that this is suitable only for covers.

4. Spray Your Furniture with Repellent Lice Spray

It is true that lice today become immune to everything that used to work in the past. But there is still something they are afraid of. Repellent lice spray containing essential oil for example. Lice hate the sense and the aroma of essential oil and flee from it.

Keep in mind that lice are pesticides so pesticide lice spray will never work. And they are not termites at all, so killing them with termite spray is a waste of time. Simply spray your furniture with repellent lice spray regularly and see the result. Lice will flee.

5. Isolate The Item

If you have tried everything but lice keep coming back, then you must isolate the items. You need to cover them with a plastic bag and seal them. Make sure it’s tight so that lice cannot crawl outside. Once you cover them, lice will come out crawling to the plastic. Leave it for a week, if it is possible, heat it out to kill them.

The above home remedy for lice on furniture is effective to get them away. If you want the best result, then try to get them off your head too. Try using hair iron and hairdryer to kill lice and the eggs. The heat is effective to kill them.