Teak is known for its high durability and resistance that will last until decades. This wood considers to be the strongest among hardwoods makes it ideal for outdoor furniture. However, if we want to keep our teak furniture of good quality, we must know how to care for teak outdoor furniture.

1. Apply Teak Coat

Basically, teak outdoor furniture will endure and stand for anything. It absorbs weather, humidity, and even climate. However, it might turn darker or even goes gray. In the worst case, your teak outdoor furniture will look dull and lost its elegance. So, to avoid them all simply apply a teak shield to the surface.

This coating will protect your furniture and all you have to do is just wipe all the dust regularly. You don’t need to worry if you incidentally pour something into it like water or food. A teak coat also gives shiny and glassy look to your teak furniture.

2. Keep The Original Color

Teak furniture originally comes in honey color. It’s grey but not dark grey. So, if you want to keep it that way, all you have to do is apply some teak protector. Use a clean cloth and then dip it to the teak protector, apply it to the surface and dry it under the sun. Keep in mind that teak protector comes in many colors. So, try to look for the lightest color that matches with original teak color.

On the other hand, you might need to re-seal your teak furniture with this protector. Yes, your teak furniture will endure during times but the seal is not. It might fade or get peel-off because of anything from humidity to dust to scratch. If you want your furniture to look sleek again, simply sand them off and then re-apply the teak protector to it.

3. Clean With Soap and Water

It is okay to wash or clean your teak outdoor furniture with soap and water. Instead, it will clean and remove stain, dust, fat, oil, and mold from them. It is true that teak is naturally resistant to mold or dirt and it will not damage or crack the wood. But still, they cause dullness which is bad for this strong kind of wood.

If you decide to clean your teak with soap and water, then make sure you cleanse them thoroughly. Leave no foam or soap liquid to it to keep it shiny. After soaking it up, dry it perfectly under sunlight. Don’t cover it when it is still damp or it will cause mold.

4. Put A Cover On It

If you feel too busy to wash your teak or applying coating is too hard, then simply put a cover to it. You can choose a waterproof cover or a cover made from fabric. If you choose a waterproof cover, then it will prolong its lifespan. But if you choose a fabric cover, then it will beautify your furniture. All you have to do is change them regularly.

Ultimately, how to care for teak outdoor furniture is absolutely easy. It is simply because teak is naturally strong, durable, and long last hardwood. So basically, you don’t have to do anything to keep them in good condition. But, to keep their shine, the above list will help you do it.