Jepara furniture is non-deniable for its quality and design. It is already well-known both in the local and foreign market.

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In fact, the data showed that 75.603 people work and 5.870 business units in this furniture industry and contributed 10% of the total amount of national exports.

If you seek for high-quality of materials, unique design, the capability of craftsmanship, and competitive price, furniture products from Jepara are definitely the thing that you should consider.

So, These are 10 Top reasons why furniture produced from Jepara is outstanding compared to other furniture products.

Superior Materials

Materials of furniture can affect the quality and price. Teak wood is main resources that used by Jepara furniture which has great quality compared to the others furniture. Teak wood that used for furniture comes from the best resources of wood in Indonesia.

Even though furniture made from teak wood more pricey, the characteristics of teak wood, the durability, textures and colours, make furniture look outstanding and has high demand.

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High-skilled craftsmanship

Furniture made from Jepara is processed with high-standard of manufacturer and high-skilled craftsmen. Due to most of the economic cycle of Jepara comes from furniture industry, and so has been inherited from generation to generation, the human resources is very eligible and experienced to produce high quality furniture, starts from choosing the materials, production, and quality control is worked properly.

Unique Design, Ukiran, Handcrafts

Jepara furniture has its own unique design characteristics for each product. For example, is ukiran, this design is very unique and not so many craftsmen could make it. It is a detailed-complicated work that makes Jepara furniture has its competitiveness in the market.

Ukiran makes Jepara furniture has economic value. It looks more attractive, different, classy, and has high-sense of arts. For that reason, also makes furniture made from has great value in the foreign market.

ukiran furniture jepara

Fit into any types of design

What kind of design do you prefer the most? is it classic? minimalistic? or contemporary design? Furniture made from Jepara will match into any kind of room design.

You can find any types of products for each parts of your house, or adding ranges furniture for your retail store that match with your customer needs. Just mix and match your design preferences and fill it with decoration. It will be outstanding! But remember if you choose kind of ukiran furniture, don’t put many kind of this furniture into your space. One is enough…

Jepara Furniture known for its durability

Teak wood for furniture has great durability. It’s already well-known as best resources form Indonesia compared to the other countries. Its durability can stand for tens years, and this is one of the reasons so many buyer from foreign country attracted to supply furniture from Jepara, whether for their business or personal use.

Long-lasting and wheater, pest resistant

Due to its durability, furniture from teak wood has its benefits to give lifetime use. For those who has outdoor space, it is great option to be considered to purchase furniture from this city, because it also contain oil and silica that make furniture resistant to pest and wheater. This will benefits you from maintenance.

Naturally elegance

As we mentioned before, furniture from Jepara mostly made from teak wood which has a natural look that makes it perfect, eye-pleasing. The wood has a great, natural texture and grain. Moreover, there are lot option of ‘finishing’ which are natural, shiny, or even rustic to applied on.

Jepara furniture has broad price option

When it comes for the prices, furniture from jepara has broad range prices because of wood resources has many grades. Number one is A-grade which is the most expensive but has the most great quality compared to B-grade and C-grade.

Each grade has different quality of the wood. C-grade has white line on the textures, so the colours may not smooth. Lower grade doesn’t mean bad option. It depends on producers/manufacturer to process the wood. You need to be selective to find producers that match of your furniture needs.

Jepara furniture has broad variety products for indoor/outdoor

Furniture products from jepara is not just a chair and table, but you can found a lot of products such as couch, sofa, bookcase, kitchen furniture, handicrafts, and carving. There are a lot of unique products from jepara that can fulfil you furniture needs, or adding your broad ranges products for your retail store.

Custom-made furniture

If you still hard to find style furniture you wanted, you can also make a contract with furniture manufacturer to produce kind of furniture you wanted.

Most of furniture manufacturer are capable to make custom furniture, however you still need to be careful to choose prospect furniture manufacturer, because not all have the same quality standard. Read tips to select prospect manufacturer.

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